Caring For Your Horse While Boarded

Although many people value their pet horses, it is not uncommon for them to board the animal somewhere else. This is usually because they do not have the property necessary in order to keep the horse, although they have the funding to take care of it. Here is how you can ensure the best care for your horse while it is being boarded elsewhere.

Make Time To Visit

It’s important to spend time with your horse as much as you can. Since someone else will be providing the day-to-day care, you want your horse to identify you as the person who cares about him or her. Try to set a schedule and visit as often as possible for you and your family.

Have Regular Vet Checkups

Getting proper care for your horse is crucial. Make time to have the vet come out and check on your pet to see how they are doing. If you are worried about the costs, it can be helpful to seek out health insurance for horses, so that in the event of an expected issue, the insurance can help to mitigate some of the costs. 

Give Your Horse Plenty Of Exercise

Spending time with your horse should include plenty of exercise. If you plan to compete in shows with your horse, it’s important that you train them regularly and feel confident riding together. Even if you just want to ride for fun, taking them on a hiking trail somewhere can be a great way for both of you to get out and enjoy time together. 

Taking care of your horse when it is boarded should include lots of visits, so your pet knows who you are. Make sure they have regular vet checkups to prevent possible health complications. Riding and getting exercise is important for your horse, and can be beneficial for you, too.