Tips for Maintaining Team Cohesiveness

Outbound is considered training that is beneficial for all employees from all positions. With outbound, it is expected that unity and cohesiveness among all levels of employees maintained well.

One of the things that can be done to reduce the level of communication gap between employees is outbound. Team building activities such as outbound can increase employee cohesiveness in the Office.


In outbound activities, usually will be filled with several games that involve all participants. Participants are divided into groups. Each group is filled by employees from various levels and divisions.

Here, solidarity and togetherness are trained. The game will make all participants obey the rules. There are no more superiors or subordinates here. So, employees from low positions can lead employees in high positions through games.

The game is certainly not randomly held. It created to strengthen relations between employees. The goal, of course, is to strengthen the work team, which leads to an increase in work.

There are three important benefits in outbound, namely:


Being a leader in a work team means being able to manage and manage his team members to work more effectively and efficiently. If while in the office some people do not get a leadership position, in outbound they will get it. Through games, leadership is trained. Although in the work team he is not a leader, leadership in games is useful to grow the leader soul in each individual.

The soul of the leader will make someone more responsible, caring, loyal friends, and have the spirit to help or support fellow team members.


When doing games during outbound, everyone is allowed to complete a task. This is certainly very useful to further strengthen the work team in the office. During outbound, all employees will be trained to unite or mingle with group members, as well as take responsibility together to complete tasks in the game. The goal is to make them more united, more compact and more responsible for completing all tasks and work.


In every office, there always some employee that lack confidence to show their abilities, aka actualize themselves in the team. Maybe he was shy because he is a new kid or ‘just’ subordinate. Through games that are carried out during outbound, everyone will be invited to no longer worry about showing their maximum abilities. Through games, each employee will be invited to contribute to their respective groups. It is hoped that what has been done during the outbound can carry over into the work environment. Everyone will have trust that he can make the maximum contribution to his work team, just like his contribution to his playgroup during outbound.