10 Best Retired Businesses of All Time

Approaching retirement age is a period when you are no longer productive at work. Usually the retirement age is around 60 years, some even under 60 have started retiring, depending on the policy of their place of work. And of course, if you have retired in terms of monthly income, it is not as much as when you were still working. In addition, your days will feel boring, because usually you have work to do, but when you retire you are unemployed there is no job. Instead, find a retired business that can fill your spare time and increase income per month. Unfortunately not all businesses are suitable for retirees, especially businesses that require a lot of energy and heavy minds. Here are 10 businesses that are most suitable for retirees.

1. Boarding house or rented house

For those of you who live in cities and are close to offices, colleges, or public places, a boarding house or rented business is one of the most profitable retirement businesses. Indeed, for capital to build boarding houses is not cheap, but after so you only have to receive payments every month from each tenant. In addition, the boarding house business does not die, even more and more every year the rental price of boarding houses increases. But you don’t want to manage it carelessly, even though this is a property business that has minimal losses, you have to run it as well as possible, from planning to promotion.

2. Motorbike and Car Rental

This second business may require more money, but for those of you who have a lot of motorbikes and cars it is not a problem. Especially if your retirement severance pay is large, it can be used for capital to buy a motorbike or rented car. The most important thing is in looking for relationships or links and promotions. If you are a retiree, try giving offers to the agency you work for, in case they need your rental services.

3. Grocery Store

A grocery store that sells daily necessities is one of the attractive businesses for retirees. Since you only need to open a grocery store at home, the buyers will come by themselves. The capital to open this grocery store is not too big, so it can be run by anyone. For items that are sold, it should be daily necessities such as groceries and other items that are easy to sell.

4. Stationery Store

Opening a stationery shop is no less interesting than opening a grocery store, especially if your house is close to a school, college or office, so many need stationery supplies. In addition, to make it more complete, you can also add photocopying, typing, printing, binding services, computer rentals, and so on.

5. Property

The property business is one of the businesses that is not affected by inflation, where each year the price of land and buildings will always increase. Owning a plot of land or building can be a profitable investment, you don’t have to bother taking care of it, you just have to wait until the price goes up. If you have a lot of capital, try to buy land on the side of the road, then build a shop for rent, of course this will be an attractive monthly routine income.

6. Animal Husbandry

A livestock business is also suitable for those of you who have retired, because it is not too tied to working time. In addition, with this livestock business, you can fill your spare time at the same time, so you don’t have much idle time. For example, raising broilers, laying hens, raising goats, raising cows, or singing birds. If indeed the farm is getting big and you are overwhelmed to take care of it, you can find employees to help with your work.

7. Agribusiness Enterprises

Agribusiness is also not very different from livestock, both of which are very suitable for retirees. Especially if you have a large enough vacant land, you can plant it with plants that are salable for sale such as chilies, tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, crops, and many others. Even if you don’t have a large area of ​​land, try to rent land from other people to start an agribusiness business.

8. Rentals

The rental business is a profitable business, you only need one capital to buy and then the money will come in by itself. Especially if you have unused items that can be rented out, that’s even better. For example, rental of agricultural equipment, rental of wedding equipment, rental of tents, generators, audio sound systems, and many others.

9. Franchise Business

The franchise business is one of the most attractive retirement side businesses. For the initial capital issued is also not too large, you also don’t need to run the business directly, usually there are already employees assigned to run it. Our job as franchisors is simply to control and set up the business to keep it profitable.

10. Consultant

There is nothing wrong with the knowledge and experience gained during work that can be used as provisions to become a consultant. Besides being able to get additional income, by becoming a consultant, you can help clients who need the expertise you have. Especially for those of you who work in the fields of accounting, law, tax and so on. You can use your knowledge to become one of the journal’s consultant partners. Where, you will help many companies to continue to grow with your services.

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