3 Common Types of Criminal Offenses

There are thousands of laws on the books and violating any of them has a range of consequences, from minor to major. However, the vast majority of crimes committed fall into categories covered by the same or similar laws. Crimes related to substance abuse, violence and property are among the most common crimes that people get arrested for in the United States.

1. Substance Abuse Related Crimes

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or with drugs or open containers of alcohol in the vehicle can result in an arrest and jail time. The sentence will vary depending on each case, with car accidents resulting in someone’s death possibly resulting in a homicide charge. Public intoxication, drug trafficking and supplying alcohol to minors can also end in an arrest. Anyone who has been arrested may want to consider York County bail bonds to limit the time spent in jail.

2. Violent Crimes

Some of the common types of violent crimes include robbery, murder, manslaughter and forcible rape. Domestic and child abuse can also fall under the category of violent crimes and can result in any children being removed from the home and placed with relatives or in the foster care system.

3. Property Crimes

Theft of objects from someone’s home or workplace, automobile theft or shoplifting can all lead to criminal charges. Depending on the circumstances, the charge may result in jail time, probation or a warning. An adult who is a repeat offender will likely get a much harsher sentence than a small child who did not fully understand that they were doing something wrong.

While it is not possible to foresee future events and prevent all crimes from happening, taking steps to deter criminals can be an effective way to minimize the odds of something happening. Staying vigilant, installing security systems and keeping doors and windows locked while away from home can help keep people safe.