6 Interesting French Start-ups You Can Get Inspired On In France

Are you going to France to work or to study? Or do you want to immigrate to France?  And you have been thinking of small businesses you can do? Well, it is an excellent idea if you are thinking of starting a small business in France. There are various start-ups in France that you can do either as a student or immigrate. You can visit AmonAvis to read about reviews from France students on the kind of business that might likely interest you.

Regarding nominal GDP, France is the 5th largest economy globally and 8th in terms of PPP (purchasing power parity), making it one of the best countries to start your business.

Indeed, in 2009 France was listed as the world’s 6th largest exporter of manufacturing goods and 4th largest importer of these products.

So, we will drive into the best start-ups you can do when you get to France in this article.

  1. Cultural or African Gifts shop

Anyone can start an African gift shop in any city in France because so many people of African lineage are willing and glad to identify with their background. If you are relocating to France from African, you can start a business in France that sells presents from different African cultures if you know you can do it. You can visit Revolut to enjoy some finance service while running this business.

  1. Business of Insurance Brokerage

Consider launching your Insurance Brokerage firm when you start living in France and have a licensed broker in France. As a result of its heavy regulation, the insurance brokerage industry can accept newcomers even though it is well regulated and will require a license to operate.

  1. Restaurant and Bar Industry

Another popular but lucrative business in France is a restaurant. Starting a restaurant business in Paris, Monaco, Lille, Nantes, St. Etienne, or Lyon is a great option when you’re trying to start a business in France.

You can see videos online to learn some of their cuisines or meet with France chefs to learn from them when you get there. Local or international cuisines are equally viable options for your business. Your restaurant and bar should be well-positioned, and your cuisine should reflect the needs of the local population.

  1. Freelancing

Any form of freelance business is possible. Consider article writing as an example. There are numerous websites that you will see on the internet today. Some companies hire freelancers to do their work for them, even though the larger companies that manage their websites have their in-house teams.

If you are a professional in technology, you can also work as an independent IT consultant. You can work in web design, mobile software development, app development, and many more areas of interest.

  1. House cleaning service

People’s working schedules are getting more and busier, so cleaning their houses can be a real hassle. In France, anyone can start a cleaning business. It would need you to hire some low-cost workers, or you could accomplish it on your own with the assistance of a few workers.

The homeowner must be present during the cleaning process to avoid misunderstandings if something goes missing.

  1. Car Pool Services

Carpooling is the practice of sharing a single vehicle to get to a common destination. As a result of this, you will share the gasoline costs, and individuals would save money. However, this is something that you should formalize as well. If you identify potential clients, you can begin offering a new service by connecting with them and charging a fee to facilitate such a service.