6 Standout Pool Tiling Ideas 

Your pool needs tiles like feet need socks. Pool tiles are stain proof, unlike bare cement and aren’t porous on the surface, making them waterproof. By picking unique pool tiles which stand out, it can turn your pool into a feature point of your backyard space. 

There is a whole range of colours you can choose from, greens, beige, black, grey, and of course blue – there are a multitude of options to mix and match with.  As there are so many tiling options for your pool, finding the right tile design can be a challenge. Read on for six design ideas you can incorporate into your pool project.  

Mosaic tiles 

The best thing about mosaic tiles is that you can mix and match so many different colours and get a great effect.  

Options include having a random pattern of different shades of the same colour. Niebla Colours Fog, or Shell Air 511 Dot Mounted are some great choices, they give a beautiful effect when seen both from above water and underwater.  

If you have a keen eye for design you can create some of your own custom amazing patterns, shapes and designs with mosaics. There’s no reason you can’t pick the colours yourself. Or perhaps you can choose a collection of different colours and mix and match them in a semi-random way to also give an interesting look. 

Mosaic tiles are a great way to tile your pool that will always look modern and fresh.  

Waterline tiles  

You don’t have to have one tile design throughout your whole pool. Just like a single flat colour, patterns can look a bit repetitive. You can line a different design of tiles just at the water level line. If the majority of your pool is a plain colour, you can pick waterline tiles with interesting patterns, such as a Mattonelle Margherita Double Blue.  

This is a great way to create interest for the eye and also a good indicator to know where the water level should be if you ever need to top up your pool. Having waterline tiles breaks up the look of your pool, preventing it from looking bland. 

Black tiles  

This is a striking and modern way to display your pool, giving your pool a great sense of depth. An amazing mirror effect will reflect off your pool in the evening if you stand just at the right level. Installing water features or even some plants on the opposite end of the pool is a great way to take advantage of that mirror effect.  

If the blackness looks a little bit too gloomy for your taste, you can liven it up with some underwater lights. Picking the right balance between black tiles and lights you can give your pool a romantic and cosy feeling.  

Herringbone tile design 

The herringbone tile design will give your pool a modern and sleek look. The arrow shapes of the tiles give your pool direction and flow. Subway tiles are the most common choice for the herringbone look.  Stromboli Viridian Green tiles are a deep and rich green subway tile that can easily be set up in the herringbone pattern to give this effect. Or if you want to go for that black pool design, as mentioned before Stromboli Black City is the perfect match for you.  

Herringbone is both a trendy and timeless design that is easy to install with beautiful results.  

Intermittent waterline tiles 

You can break up your waterline tiles even further by installing a contrasting tile in an intermittent pattern. Place them every four tiles apart or so, this can break up a monotonous design. There aren’t any rules and you can do what you think looks best.  

For example, you can have a dark blue waterline with a white patterned tile to break it up such as Mattonelle Parallel Black. This design style is modern and works to break the design of your pool up even further. 

Stone look or wood look 

Give your pool a trendy vibe by lining the edge of your pool deck with some wood or stone look tiles. Installing tiles along the edge of the pool where you’d typically be walking, is a technique called coping. The natural look of the stone or wood is perfect for those that have pools running along the edge of a garden and works to blend everything together in a seamless way. Stone look tiles work fantastically as outdoor tiles as they are durable. 

Get creative! 

As you can see there is a lot you can do with installing your pool tiles. Whether it’s black tiles, a herringbone look or installing beautiful natural looking coping tiles, you’re sure to love the end result. Remember it’s your pool and you should style it to what you think looks best. There are countless more designs you can incorporate into your pool to give it an enticing and modern look. These designs are sure to make your pool a fun and exciting place for the whole family or a relaxing and romantic place just for you and your special person.