7 Tips for Choosing Shoes for Touring

For those of you who like to drive long distances, you will understand what riding gear must be worn. To support safety when riding a motorcycle, use appropriate shoes. There are at least 7 tips you can do to choose shoes for touring.

Shoe Model

There are various types and models of riding shoes that are currently on the market. Starting from the standard, racing and touring type. Each has a function that has been adapted to its design. Especially for touring shoes, you should look for shoes that protect up to the ankle. If you are looking for motorbike boots size 9, you can look for it in Wheels Clothing. For more complete product information you can contact the website at https://shop.wheelsmotorcycles.co.uk/

Shoes with maximum protection

We recommend you to choose shoes that can protect the ankle. However, choose shoes that do not make your feet or ankles get tired. In addition to protecting, shoes with the best protection can provide confidence on the road.

Shifter Pads

It doesn’t have to be, but it would be better if the riding shoes are also equipped with shifter pads. The goal is that the foot is more comfortable when making a gearshift.

Quality of insoles

Look carefully whether the quality is good or not. Besides comfort, good quality insoles will also provide stability and a good grip in all weather.

Shoe Material

Riding shoes are generally made of leather because it is more durable and resistant in various conditions. But the important thing, the riding shoes must have air ventilation so that the feet remain comfortable even in hot weather.

Ankle Protector

Good riding shoes can provide more protection to the vulnerable parts of injury. Generally, it has an ankle protector made of kevlar material in the ankle.


Sometimes, the weather in a long-distance touring is very difficult to predict. For that, you should choose waterproof riding shoes. In addition to making it comfortable during the trip, shoes also become more durable even after it got frequent exposure to rain.