8 Advantages of Car Wrapping Compared to Car Paint

Car wrapping is a technique that consists of applying a vinyl directly on the original paint of the car. It used to only be used in commercial vehicles that were labeled with advertising. Now it is also used to change the appearance of the car.

If you did not know about this option to renew your vehicle, we come to tell you what its advantages with respect to paint are. We already warn you that there are many! We started!

8 Advantages of Car Wrapping Compared to Car Paint

1. Cheaper than painting the car

This reason may be one of the main reasons that motivate you to choose car wrapping. Vinyl a car is much cheaper than painting it. Even to do it in workshops or online now on shop signage where they make you a low price. In addition, applying a vinyl on your car has a good value for money.

2. A better finish on your vehicle

The vinyl is completely homogeneous; this makes the finish look very professional. With car paint it is more difficult to achieve a quality finish for a reasonable price. Dust spots are likely to remain on the varnish, orange peel.

3. Wide range of colors, textures, designs

Car wrapping offers us a wide range of possibilities: many colors, textured effects, designs or illustrations. If you want to paint your car professionally, you must go to the manufacturer’s options and they are usually limited.

4. Your car ready in record time

The entire job of wrapping a car can be done in the same day. Painting it is usually more laborious and you may not have your car at the moment. If you opt for the car wrapping technique, you will be able to continue with your daily life without unforeseen events in a very short time.

5. Long-lasting vinyl’s

If the vinyl is of quality and has been installed in a professional way, it will last intact for a long time. Your car will look better and wear less than paint. You have to make sure that the car is clean before applying it and that qualified people do it.

6. Maintains the original paint of your vehicle

If you decide to put a vinyl on your car, you keep the original color underneath. Also, removing a quality vinyl will not damage the paint. It will be as it was before placing it. When painting the vehicle this does not happen, since you erase all previous traces.

7. You will not have to fix the whole car for a breakdown

If your vehicle suffers an accident or minor friction, you will want to repair it. With the paint to achieve a perfect finish, you would end up painting it all over again. However, with the car wrapping technique you only need to fix that specific part that has been affected.

8. Modify the color of your car without problems in the ITV

In the regulations of the ITV or Technical Inspection of Vehicles, vinyl is considered an accessory. This means that it does not look like a change in the original color of the vehicle. Therefore, it is not necessary to modify the car papers explaining this transformation of your vehicle.

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