Benefits of Using Office Document Management Systems

7 Benefits of Cloud-Based Document Management Systems

What is DMS or Document Management System? It is an automated way to organize, secure, capture, tag, digitize, approve, and complete tasks using the company’s business files. Although a lot of these systems store information in the cloud, a DMS is more than just cloud storage.

Since advanced DMSs handle large amounts of papers flowing into businesses, companies can spend more time on the job they are supposed to do. For instance, if a company with large filing cabinets full of documents, they can set up an automated system for the most common kinds of materials they track and handle the progress.

Benefits of using a DMS

Now that we know what this solution is, we will take a closer look at electronic DMS in terms of its benefits reported by customers. Within customer stories, terms most people can understand. These advantages are some of the reasons why organizations or companies are starting to go paperless through their management solutions at an unparalleled rate.


Free time


Peace of mind

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It is freedom

Freedom is considered by experts as a frequently mentioned advantage or benefit of this application. This freedom was hugely found in the lightness of the documents associated with being paperless since it is fully digital or organized on the Internet.

This type of lightness also overthrew the challenging process of searching for data and details for long periods, facing, manually handling essential documents or forms. A lot of existing customers didn’t understand the challenges of working in an office that is dependent on papers until they experienced working without using it.

They will realize that paper is what kept hard and manual work alive – even in companies or industries in the white-collar industry. A lot of the world’s information has been made within the past three years, and a small portion of this digital information is contained in electronic formats.

Imaging these materials is only the first step when it comes to organizing online information. Without a management system to automate, potentiate, and secure their value as assets critical to the organization’s mission, the data contained in these materials will not deliver the full value.

It is free time

When we are talking about work, time is always the essence. It is as crucial as the currency or people’s paycheck. And the cost of opportunity proves this: the more time people spend knee-deep in administrative paper works like going to the printing machine, fax machine, or filing cabinets; the less they are paid for the job they are getting paid to do.

It detracts from the worker’s value to the organization no matter who talented the employees and employers are. The more time people have done their jobs and the task they are paid to do, the more wisely they can use it. Although a lot of companies view interruptions in the workplace as part of the job, it need not be that way with the proper DMS technology.

This kind of mindset is what keeps employees partaking in the maltreatment of their working lives. Relying on electronic systems to overcome inefficiencies, can change the trajectory of workers’ lives, as well as the businesses where they are working. Document mess is one of the leading causes of chaos in the organization. Without a way to manage, orchestrate, and optimize these materials, there will be little to no means for companies to receive any kinds of assurances that they need in today’s age of digital transformation.

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Business Benefits of Digital Document Management Systems

It is very convenient

Convenience is not just meant for technology that focuses on their consumers. It also secured a strong position in startup to mid-sized businesses. For example, cloud-based DMS ant its mobile application makes it possible for users to access their files easily, track, collaborate, or securely send essential and sensitive data from anywhere, as long as there is internet.

Its built-in Internet portal of management system also provides its users the ability to share large files without worrying about security issues, using their phones. Although security and accessibility were once viewed as exclusive benefits of these kinds of solutions, the DMS can bring benefits together in one functional solution.

From a convenience and security point of view, it is pretty crucial for employees in small clinics, whose Information Technology managers need to utilize their system to keep relevant and sensitive information on their mobile devices, anywhere where there is Internet.

In the accounting world, its mobile applications and compatibility provider the responsiveness every Certified Public Accountant’s clients demand, and the same is true of the insurance and finance industries – particularly as insurance agents and financial advisers spend more time meeting clients and traveling from one place to another, at the client’s location of choice.

It provides peace of mind

Data catastrophes like information leaks and security breaches dominated every newspaper headline in 2017. It already made several news headlines in 2018. But most of these data breaches were because of poor internal info management. Electronic offsite document storage solutions can provide the right tools to keep every data safe both at home and inside the office – everywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection.

Security protocols like recurring data backup, secure web servers, bank-grade encryptions for information in transit using SSL or Secured Socket Layer, as well as data storage with different physical and artificial points of presence are just some of facilitating features compromising systems that can provide users peace of mind. Not only that, but its role-based permission features also mitigate the fear related to the increase of internal information breaches.

It compromises over 50{fc3cc4819efde523aa5feee98ed9dadffff73f78a79cc7ef8c096cfc01c5f905} of all information breaches that are happening in the past 20 years. Companies failing to minimize the rise of internal information breaches with their solutions will experience these breaches in staggering numbers. In 2007, viruses and ransomware became a problem for a lot of companies. Still, document automation techs are paving ways for companies to fight these types of attacks in their document storage solutions.