Business Cyber Security Predictions For 2023

Protecting your business is one of the most important things you can do in the modern world. The internet has brought many positive things for businesses in the recent decade. Online marketing has brought many new customers for many companies. Many companies have found that the internet has streamlined their everyday operations. However, there are some risks that having an online presence can bring to your business. Making sure your company is protected in terms of cyber security is fundamental to making sure your business can continue to grow. Knowing the cyber threats to your company in 2023 can make sure you know how to better protect your business.


In 2023, it’s predicted that ransomware will be one of the largest problems facing businesses. Ransomware is where cyber criminals steal your precious data, such as financial data and addresses. The hackers then extort a lot of money to return your data to you. The trend is anticipated to continue well into 2023. It is predicted that they will start moving to file corruption instead of encryption. It will be important that your company is aware of all of the ways that ransomware will change next year, and how your company can be better protected against it.


As more businesses start to use cryptocurrency, the ways cryptocurrency can be hacked can severely affect your company. Crypto-hacks are set to become more sophisticated in 2023. However, advancements in business cyber security have meant that protections against crypto-hacking are also predicted to improve massively. Making sure your company has the most updated cybersecurity technology can help to ensure that you are not affected by this if you use cryptocurrency.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has been a massive development in terms of how businesses do company research. However, there can be a big problem with AI as it can be corrupted for malicious purposes. Some malware has AI programmed into it to change itself so it can better penetrate business cyber security methods. Cyber security will take a preventative stance against this next year, so it’s good to be aware of how this can change your business.

Bot Attacks

Bot attacks happen when cyber attacks against your business become completely automated and relentless. It’s very likely that the people behind these bots will only get more savvy in terms of their production, such as renting IP addresses, which can make bots harder to track. More security leaders will try to address this going into 2023.

The Need for Structural Security Awareness Will Increase

Making sure your staff are trained in terms of business cyber security will only become even more important in 2023. Not only will your staff need to be trained, cyber security needs to become a part of workplace culture. Developing an awareness of the evolution of cyber attacks and how to protect the company against them will be even more important next year. Making sure your staff are better trained to spot and prevent cyber attacks is really important when it comes to protecting your company. You must also make sure that they know the cyber incident response plan to help prevent your company from further losses in case the worst happens.