Decorating Your Room with a High-Quality Custom Metal Steel Signs

Custom metal sports team signs can be made of various materials, including bronze, Cor-Ten steel, and Dibond. If you are looking to redo a room, try to make an accent wall, be sure to include a nice custom metal sign to make the wall really pop. After you have approved a proof, the metal sign will be released into production. The entire process should take between 3-and 5 business days. Then, you’ll receive a framed sign within a few weeks. Depending on the size and shape of your sign, the manufacturing process could take as little as four weeks.

Metal sports team signs

Aside from adding a touch of class to a room, metal sports team signs are the perfect way to display your favorite sporting team. You can use them to showcase the glory of your team and individual team members’ achievements. Whether you want to enhance the decor of your child’s room or add a touch of excitement to your patio, custom metal sports team signs can do just that. They will add an extra touch of class and honor your team while adding a touch of style to any room.

Metal sports signs are ideal for any room decor, and they pair well with most interior design styles. These signs complement country, shabby chic, and industrial design trends and provide a balance between the masculine and feminine aesthetics. You can even use them as a feature wall in a man cave. These signs are perfect for any sports fan’s man cave! They’ll be the perfect accent piece to showcase his favorite sports team.

Choosing the exact dimensions and shape that you need

When you buy a Dibond high-quality custom metal steel sign, you’ll be able to choose the exact dimensions and shape that you need for your business. They can range anywhere from four inches to twenty-four inches, and the bigger the sign, the better. However, if you want your sign to be visible indoors, a twenty-four by eighteen-inch sign may be more appropriate. And if you’re looking for a small indoor sign that you can hide in a corner, an 18×12 by eighteen inches will work just fine.

The advantages of a Dibond sign are numerous. Its lightweight and durable construction make it perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. Dibond signs can be made of either brushed aluminum or a matte finish for the exterior. And you can choose a reflective coating for outdoor use. A Dibond sign can help you achieve your goal, whatever your business needs.

Cor-Ten steel

Cor-Ten steel is an excellent choice when it comes to custom metal signs. It is known for its durability and weather-resistant nature. Cor-Ten steel has a vintage rust finish that gives your signage a vintage look. These metal signs are often mounted on outdoor structures. They will bleed the rust finish onto the surface, adding to the traditional look. This type of steel is a great choice for outdoor structures and signs, as they can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The benefits of Cor-Ten steel letters are many. These letters have an unprotected surface that naturally rusts. This process prevents the letters from developing visible rust for many years and helps them maintain their original look. Cor-Ten steel signs are available in different gauges and grades, so you can choose one that matches your business’ style and color scheme. Cor-Ten letters also have a natural variation in color, making them ideal for outdoor signs.


Bronze, a popular choice for outdoor signage, has various benefits. Bronze is more durable than steel and offers many decorative effects. This type of metal sign has a timeless, antique look. You can choose from several finishes to match your business’s design or decor. These plaques come in different sizes and can be customized to fit your budget and preferences. For the most lasting results, choose a solid bronze or copper plaque.

Unlike stainless steel or aluminum, bronze signage comes in various colors. It conveys a classic look and is mercury-free. Custom metal sign letters are typically made of commercial-grade C2200 ingot bronze and are extremely durable. They are commonly used in public areas, such as school buildings and corporate offices. Bronze signs also are a great choice for commemorative purposes. Bronze personalized signs are also available with your company logo or photos.