How to Select an Expert Witness

An expert witness is a person with a specialized skillset whose opinion may significantly influence a judge or jury. Employing an expert witness could make or break a case, so be sure to find a credible witness who will support your case.

Select the Type of Expert Witness

There is a multitude of expert witnesses who can provide testimony in court settings. You may find yourself needing a forensic expert witness, financial expert witness, mental health expert witness or parenting expert witness, to name a few.

Employ Due Diligence

Check into the history of all potential expert witnesses. Questions to ask include:

  • Has this individual served as an expert witness before?
  • Does this individual have any criminal record?
  • Does this person have relevant certifications or licenses?
  • Does this person have any potential conflicts of interest with the case?

Understand Your Needs

Perform basic research on the topic your expert witness will discuss in court. You cannot confidently select a witness without at least a basic understanding of his or her area of expertise. 

Interview Witnesses

Before selecting an expert witness, interview them to be sure they can perform in the stress of a courtroom. Further, ensure your selected witness has the desired understanding of the case you are trying. Being on the same page as your expert witness is crucial to ensuring the expert’s testimony has the desired impact in the courtroom.

Selecting an expert witness could make or break certain cases. If you’re in need of an expert witness, be diligent in selecting the best person for the job. Remember, being an expert in a particular field won’t necessarily mean that a person will hold up well in a courtroom. You’ll need an expert who can speak confidently and persuasively in stressful situations to help you win your court case.