How to settle a lawsuit with at-fault party’s insurance company?

Personal injury lawsuits often get settled outside the court or even before the trial starts. If you have hired a personal injury lawyer VA Beach and filled a lawsuit against the at-fault party, there are chances you may negotiate for an out-of-the-court settlement. In such a case, the other party’s insurance company or adjuster comes into play.

So, how do lawsuit settlements happen with the insurance adjuster? How do the parties reach the settlement amount?

Typically, the negotiation for the settlement with the insurance company will start by you or your injury lawyer sending an organized demand letter to the other party. Then, the insurance claims adjuster will get in touch with you over the phone or in-person for further process. Here, you or your injury lawyer and the insurance company discuss all the points of your claim. After this, the insurance adjuster will offer the settlement amount, which is usually lower than what you are demanding. You can counter the offer by asking higher than what is being offered to you. When you both reach the middle ground, you can accept the settlement amount. 

Working with the personal injury law firm Virginia Beach is the best option when dealing with an at-fault insurance adjuster. Whether you choose to work with a professional lawyer or not, there are few things you should know about handling insurance adjusters. Here are a few tips on how to successfully negotiate with the insurance adjuster for personal injury claims.

Decide on a Settlement Amount.

When putting together the demand letter, you must evaluate and determine your loss or how much your claim is worth. Besides this, it’s best to decide in advance how much should be the minimum settlement amount. However, don’t disclose this figure to the insurance adjuster. Once you have a bottom line for the settlement amount, you can be better positioned to negotiate.

Often, plaintiffs may overlook some facts that the adjuster points out that can their claim weak. In such a scenario, you might have to lower the minimum settlement amount that you have set.

Reservation of Rights Letter.

The insurance company often sends a “reservation of rights” notice to the victim even after initiating the negotiation process. For many, the letter can be the cause of concern; however, it’s just the letter informing the plaintiff that the insurance company is investigating the claim. The letter states that if the accident is not included in the insurance policy, the insurance company reserves the right not to pay any settlement amount.

Do not Rush the Process.

Settling personal injury claims can be an intimidating and daunting process for anyone. Even out of court settlements can be a test of patients. However, one should not jump at the first offer made by the insurance adjuster. Typically, the insurance adjuster will start with a low settlement amount. If the amount is reasonable but too low than what you are demanding, make a counteroffer that is lower than your demand letter but still higher than what you are being offered.