Is Dropshipping Still A Sustainable MicroCosmos?

Dropshipping has been, recently, a big trend within small, medium and big entrepreneurs in the eCommerce scene. With tools like Shopify and Oberlo, to mention a few, dropshipping has established itself as a powerful, tangible way to quickly deliver results. With such a busy marketplace, and with dozens of different approaches to the matter, is dropshipping still a sustainable way to approach eCommerce in 2020? Let’s analyse it thoroughly.

Suppliers: The Rise And Fall Of Aliexpress

Aliexpress has been the go-to Chinese supplier for dropshippers since 2015, the year when the combination of Shopify and Oberlo was opened to the mainstream. Times have changed since then, with plenty of dropshippers moving towards far smaller platforms like Taobao, DHgate and such. Aliexpress, if you’re looking into dropshipping, is definitely still a reliable supplier, do to its size and given the fact that it has been operating in this sector for years. With this being said, you may want to consider the other two above-mentioned ones in order to save a bit of money within the supply part of your business plan.

Mobile: An (Under)estimated Part Of The eCommerce Business

It has been recently pointed out by some app developers in the UK how the vast majority of eCommerce entrepreneur don’t pay attention to their site’s mobile version. Not only their appearance, but also their user experience on mobile, sometimes, is painfully set up. Dropshippers in 2020 should heavily rely on having a perfectly working, mobile-friendly portal, since the vast majority of the sessions which are coming for eCommerce and dropshipping-related stores are mobile-based.

Having an optimised mobile architecture is mandatory in 2020 and will definitely become even more important in the future.

The Current State Of Dropshipping

Dropshipping is the most popular eCommerce development strategy in the world. There are thousands of small Shopify stores being opened every day, with dozens and dozens of different products being listed. With this being said, it’s quite safe to say that dropshipping will still keep on surviving in 2020. It’s very important to keep in mind, also, that GDPR has heavily changed the terms and conditions in regards to products descriptions and their disclosure, so keep that in mind as well.