Starting Your Own Business: What are the Merits and Demerits?

A lot of people are contemplating between starting a business or sticking to their 9-5 job. You must know that there are different things to issues like this. Becoming a business owner can be very rewarding. Having the motivation to take a chance and begin an enterprise is a great vision.

Reviews and opinions of business owners on have provided the merits and demerits of starting up a business compared to working for a corporate organization. These feedbacks are listed below.

Merits of Being a Business Owner

1. Freedom

Being a business owner, you give orders. You cannot get sacked. You gain the freedom to make the decisions that are important to the success of your business.

2. Your Style of Living

Having a small enterprise provides you the particular style of living advantages. You are now in control, you choose when and where you desire to operate. You can choose to take some time off, work and still run your business from home. With technology, this has become easier.

3. Financial Gains

Having your own business provides you an opportunity to earn more money than being employed by someone else. You earn from your hard labor.

4. Learning Opportunities

You will be involved in all parts of your company as a business owner. This creates many chances to have an extensive knowledge of the various business services.

5. Personal Satisfaction

This gives you a chance to work in an area that you like. It gives you the room to put your skill and knowledge to utilize and gain personal satisfaction from carrying out your ideas, operating directly with clients, and seeing your business prosper.

 Demerits of Starting Your Own Business

The demerits of starting a business are synonymous with the merits of working for a corporate organization. Below are some of the dangers you run if you quit your regular job and consider starting a business of your own.

1. Financial Risk

The monetary resources required to begin and expand a business can be extensive. It may cost you most of your savings or run into debt before you start. Things may refuse to turn well, you may face big financial failures. There might be periods like this, particularly in the early years, when the business is not producing sufficient money to survive.


There is a baffling arrangement of things to think about – competition, workers, bills, equipment breakdowns, consumer problems. As the owner, you must be accountable for the welfare of your workers.

3. Time Commitment

Unfortunately, operating a business is very time-consuming. In assumption, you have the liberty to take time off work, but in truth, you may not have such freedom. You may have limited free time compared to being an employee.

4. Undesired Duties

When you start, you will certainly be accountable for either performing or overseeing just about all that should be done. As the owner, you will have to perform some undesired tasks.

 Final Notes

Having listed the merits and demerits of starting a business or working for a corporate organization, many people still consider starting a business while some have chosen to work for organizations. Whatever you do, we wish you all the best.