Team Building Activities For Your Business

Teamwork is one of the only of things that is a guarantee in corporations these days. Regardless of what sector of business you work in, you will almost always have to work in a team in some capacity. Therefore, it is essential for you to form strong working relationships with co-workers. Here are a few corporate events in London that will help build positive relationships in your UK workplace.

Break Bread

One activity that may seem obvious is to have a meal together. Throughout history, one thing that has brought people together is sharing time over a meal. In the workplace, breaking bread together allows for an informal environment where co-workers can relax and discuss both work and non-work related topics. This can really allow co-workers to get to know each other much more deeply and begin to form incredible relationships with one another.

Icebreaker Activities

Another great activity that stimulates teambuilding is an icebreaker. These are short events that removes the awkwardness that is often present in groups of people who do not know each other well. A few examples of common icebreakers are the human knot and the trust fall. These activities are light-hearted, but also get employees to physically interact and trust each other.


A great way to grow a team closer is for the members of the team to work together outside of their paid word. A great way to do this is to set up a day for co-workers to go out and volunteer together. Perhaps they could pick up trash in a park, or serve food in a food kitchen. Regardless of the volunteer activity, working together can really bond a team.

Ropes Course

A ropes course is an outdoor activity that allows team members to work with one another to complete a physical activity. These courses present moderate physical challenges to the team members and force the team members to rely on each other to complete the physical task. A ropes course is especially effective at teambuilding because it encourages physical interaction. Further, it provides a sense of accomplishment to the team when they have finished the ropes course. You can even divide the employees into multiple teams and have them compete with each other. Healthy competition is always a great way to grow connectedness and relationships among team members.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can be a great activity that can last as little as an hour or as long as an entire day. When you complete a scavenger hunt, you simply have a list of activities you need to complete. For example, you might ask the teams to take a picture with a specific statue in town. Scavenger hunts are fun because they allow the teams time to really interact, solve problems, and work together in a fun and easy competition. You could even provide a small award to the winners of the scavenger hunt.

Cook Off

If you have employees who enjoy the culinary arts, a cook off may be a great way to build relationships in a team. You can provide a specific cuisine and have multiple teams prepare a dish. The dishes would then be judged and a winner announced. This is a great activity because it combines competition with eating. These are two things everyone loves.