Tell tale Signs That You Need a New Property Manager

Regardless of whether you own a commercial or residential property, most people don’t have the time to manage properties themselves as the work can come at the worst time and help might be required. If that is the case, you’ve likely recruited a property manager to oversee the daily needs of the property.

Paying a third party to manage the property, you will naturally have expectations you would like them to adhere to, and if you find some of the below signs to be occurring, it might be time to find a new property manager.

Lack of Communication

If a lack of emails, texts and phones calls sounds all too familiar, then this might also be the case with how they manage your property. With some property management companies, it can often be the case that you only hear from them when they require a payment, which isn’t the best practice. It’s common courtesy to keep you updated about your property, and if they aren’t updating you, it’s likely that they aren’t keeping themselves updated (inspections) regarding your property.

Poor Updates

Obviously, properties have issues with them that need sorting out, and your property managers are there to settle these problems. If you find that you’re only ever receiving bad news, it likely means that they aren’t managing the property well. You want, and regular progression updates from your property managers and a good commercial property management company will keep you up to date with every issue, even if it’s something they have already taken the initiative to handle.

A Handful of Bad Tennant’s

One bad Tennent can at times be unavoidable. It’s hard, even for the best management company to predict the liability of a tenant, but if you begin to notice the pattern and bad tenants become frequent, it might be another sign of your management company is in poor practice. There is a short list of areas your property manager needs to tick off that include:

Verify they are over 18

Confirm the tenant’s previous rental history and receive recommendations

Verify their stable source of income

Continuous checks of the property

By following these steps, there shouldn’t be missed payments or damage to the property. If these issues keep occurring even with new tenants, your property manager is clearly showing signs of there neglect to keep your property under their radar.

If you are still unsure whether or not it’s the best move to take on a new property management Manchester or elsewhere based company, you can check out their reviews to see if other clients or tenants are unhappy with their services. It’s also worth reviewing their social media to see if their content shows the care they put into current clients, or if they are just advertising to find more business. When you find a suitable property manager you’ll soon see that the look after all their clients and aren’t just looking to fill the books will a mass amounts and only deal with properties that have current issues.