The Benefits of Protective Polyethylene Foam Packaging

In a world of increasing shipments due to online orders, more and more industries and companies need to review the way they package and protect their finished products in order to please customers and avoid loss. To this end, it is possible to use many types of protective foams and the polyethylene foam packaging is one of the most interesting solutions.

Why Should You Choose Polyethylene Foam Packaging?

This packaging solution is generally denser than polyurethane foam. In fact, polyethylene planks are often used to protect the most fragile objects which require superior stability. The closed cells of this foam give it trustable vibration and shock damping properties. It also ensures increased protection of other various products. Indeed, it can be produced in different densities to obtain the desired impact resistance by being more flexible or stiffer.

Moreover, this foam protective solution can be customized in different sizes and colors and cut into all shapes and sizes. This is possible via a numeric controlled cutting service as well as traditional cutting, gluing, laminating and thinning foam services. Polyethylene foam packaging is also chemical and moisture resistant, making it ideal for providing additional protection for sensitive items such as medical devices.

Which Industry can Use Polyethylene Foam Packaging?

Even if the polyethylene foam packaging solution is particularly adapted to fragile products, every industry can use it, especially that there are different densities. Whether you run an automobile industry, an acoustics or an aeronautical industry, a building industry or manufacture household goods, electronics, or sport and leisure equipment, polyethylene foam will protect your merchandises all the way. Thanks to its very light weight, it will not harm your finished products during transport and storage.

Another interesting advantage is the ecological side of this foam packaging solution. It is non-toxic and odorless. In other words, it respects both the environment and your health. In addition to be flexible, polyethylene foam has a high level of shock absorption. And last but not least, it is an affordable solution for any industry and company. Just try to find a reliable manufacturer that represents the best value for money. It is also important that they propose tailor made planks so that the packaging reflects perfectly your brand image.

In sum, polyethylene foam is the best packaging solution for all industries, especially those which manufacture fragile objects. It is flexible, ecological, affordable, and highly effective to protect all types of goods.