Tips for Building and Managing a Team

One of the biggest challenges for managers and supervisors is forming and motivating a team that will get the job done, and get it done well. If you have experienced challenges with the way that teams are put together in your office, then it is probably time for your managers to undergo some team building training. It takes a good eye for people and a plan for success to build a great team and continue to motivate them for success. Here are a few great tips for building and managing a team in your workplace:

Training: Successful employee training is crucial for a great team experience. Even the most intelligent and competent of your employees will require time to learn the ropes and integrate themselves with their peers and their jobs. Take the time to train new employees and give them time to get settled into their workspace.

Focus on Results: Keep your focus on results and productivity and allow your employees to manage their time effectively. Employees should be on time to meetings and available to their team. Showing that you trust them to be linking individual goals to strategic goals while they manage their own time can be very empowering for your group.

Make Good Use of Personal Strengths: When working on employee selection for your team, make sure that you put your people where they are the most effective. Take stock of the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and adjust their roles as needed to allow the team as a whole to show the most success.

Clearly Define Expectations – Set your goals aggressively but realistically and let the team know exactly what you expect and when. Your employees will appreciate clear definitions of their roles and the results that you expect them to achieve.

Open Communication Lines – Whenever possible, include your employees in the process of making decisions that directly affect them. Try not to spring changes on the team without at least letting them know your reasoning behind the decision and that the changes will be coming. Allow team members to have open discussions with you about their feeling about the project and its goals.

Give Responsibility and Accountability – A great way to foster a good team work environment is to give your employees the leeway to take responsibility and stand accountable for coming up with solutions to challenges. Whenever possible, try to show them that you have faith in their ability to get the job done and meet their deadlines.