To Make the House Cooler, Plant These 5 Shady Trees

During the summer, most people tend to use air conditioning (AC) to cool the room. However, this can increase the use of electrical energy, increase the bill of electricity, and is not environmentally friendly.

The solution to making the house cooler during the summer without using a lot of electrical energy is by planting shady trees. In this case, you can call the Tree service Kennewick, WA to help you. In addition to reducing the use of electrical energy, planting shady trees in the yard can also save on electricity bills and of course be environmentally friendly.

Here are five shade trees that you can plant in your yard so that your house is cooler.

1. Cherry tree

Cherry trees can continue to thrive without the need for watering and fertilizer every day. This tree can reach about 12 meters high with its lush green leaves. Uniquely, the cherry tree has fruit similar to cherry and small white flowers. For that reason, cherry trees are suitable to be planted in the yard of the house to make the house cooler and can beautify the yard.

2. Red Shoot Tree

Most of you have probably seen this one tree. The red shoot tree has dense and lush leaves that can make the house feel cooler. The leaves will turn reddish when the dry season arrives, so besides being able to cool the house, this tree can also beautify your yard. For maintaining it, you can hire Tree service Pasco, WA.

3. Mango Tree

To cool the house, you can also plant mango trees in the yard. The mango tree has leaves that are long and close to each other. This tree can reach 10 meters high. With proper and routine care, the mango tree can grow shady and will certainly produce delicious fruit.

4. The Angsana tree

No less beautiful than the red shoot tree which has reddish leaves, the Angsana tree also looks very beautiful with small yellow flowers.

The height of this Angsana tree can reach 40 meters, but the Angsana tree which is usually found in the yard of the house or the roadside will not grow that high because it is the result of cuttings reproduction. Besides being able to beautify your home page, the Angsana tree will also make your house cooler, and also protect it from the hot sun. You need to be careful if you want to plant this tree because it is classified as a tree prone to fall. So, if there is a strong wind this tree can easily fall.

5. Umbrella Kiara Tree

The umbrella Kiara tree has dense and tight leaves, so it can make your house cooler and protect the house from the hot sun. Umbrella Kiara tree height can reach 11 meters. Amazingly, this tree has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide very well. Its beautiful shape makes this Kiara umbrella tree very suitable for planting on your home page. For the best tree service, Tree service Richland, WA is one recommended for you.