What is business architecture?

While scrolling through LinkedIn you see new connections with new functions pop up left and right. Some of them sound like made up titles, but even some of these have something intriguing to them, such as an expert in business architecture. But,what is business architecture? In this blog we’ll give you the answer!

The importance of architecture in your company

Everyday your company makes a ton of different decisions. Your strategy makes sure that these all fit the same goals, which creates architecture. Usually, architecture is the way a building is built, which makes the definition for business architecture easy to guess as well: the way your company is built from the core to what it shows.

When you have a business architect working in your company, you have someone who’s main focus is to maintain this architecture. As there are so many different decisions being made everyday, it’s good to have someone that’s able to check if this makes sense according to the philosophy of your company. Channels that are being used are checked regularly, ensuring that you don’t use channels that are either outdated or can negatively influence your reputation.

Growth with an architect

Let’s go back to the original architect: not only does this person create the structure for a building, it also is your expert whenever you want to enlarge your building. For a business architect, the exact same can be said! Not only does this architect make sure that your company’s foundation stays strong, it also constantly looks for new chances to grow as a company. Of course, this all fits your strategy: new channels are being considered, tested and chosen if successful. With business architecture, you truly work from the core, but also show that you’re not scared to take risks, knowing what the results of this will be.


Now that you know how important business architecture is, you want to implement this to your company as soon as possible. However, this can be quite hard. Not everyone is suited for this role, so it might be impossible to find the right fit for this role within your company. Luckily, there’s BiZZdesign: an expert when it comes to business architecture. Take a look at their website and find out what they can do for you!