Why The One World Trade Center Could Be The Best Coworking Space In The World

Getting out of that remote-working rut and into a great coworking plan is the best thing a business can do for itself and its growth. While working at home or the closest café can be less expensive, the coworking space can help your business build a platform in the community, and in New York City, making connections and building relationships are just two ways communities can be springboards for success. The NYC coworking scene is already in full swing with countless spaces opening every day to meet the needs of business.

Professionals looking for a space in the Big Apple, though, might be pleasantly surprised that one of the city’s premier buildings is very accessible to most businesses, regardless of the budget. One World Trade Centre (1 WTC), for example, stands head and shoulders above the rest of the buildings in that area and is one of the city’s main attractions. In addition to its breath-taking view of the city’s skyline, the building places professionals in the centre of the city’s energetic, fast-paced environment, which can be the best place for coworking professionals to plant their business.

Continue reading to learn why One World Trade Centre can be the best spot for a coworking professional.

Office Space And A Landmark

One WTC is premium office space in a city known for its expensive real estate market. At the top of the WTC, professionals will find the offices are more than grand, but they provide businesses with real amenities on a budget. Take a peek at Servcorp’s coworking space in NY in the same building by clicking onto the following link http://www.servcorp.com/en/coworking/locations/united-states/new-york/one-world-trade-center/.

This building is also considered a major landmark in the city, as it stands over 1,776 feet making it the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. People flock to it every year because it is a popular destination for tourists and residents, alike. For your business, this translates into traffic, and while tourists might not be interested in your business, working in this famed building can help your business convey the right image.

Area Reputation

Nothing speaks success like working around other businesses who have helped the area carve out a reputation for astute business practices. Coworking in 1 WTC brings with it the opportunity for businesses to benefit from the reputation that has made this location sought after and esteemed. Your business can benefit from the prestige of working in a very well-respected business environment.

Friends In High Places

The building is home to both the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and The New York Stock Exchange. In addition to these major players in business, the building is occupied by conglomerates and other larger businesses. The coworking space in 1 WTC can place your business in close proximity to the professionals and the resources that make up this environment.

One Of The Most Powerful Economies

NYC has one of the most diverse populations of any American city, but the FiDi (Financial District) has one of the most powerful economies in the world. Billions of dollars a year float through the area on a daily basis, which means that it is at minimum a place where information related to business circulates. At maximum, it can be a launching pad for your own venture. Either way, working in an area that is described as one of the most powerful economies in the world can only be to your benefit.

The Advantages Of 1 WTC

The WTC presents businesses the chance to work in world-class office space that is highly-maintained and provides professional support staff. Businesses can benefit from the authority and respect that makes up this type of atmosphere. If your business does not accomplish anything else, you as the owner will get to rub shoulders with influential people.